We are the company that started it all. Our founders and their friends invented the game of pickleball in 1965, and as it started to catch-on in the Pacific Northwest, Pickleball, Inc. was founded in 1972 to help people get the paddles, nets, and balls they needed to play the game. Over the years we have served the needs of hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. Our commitment to the sport is unique, and we have worked hard to innovate while protecting the integrity of the game.

Our Newest Pickle-ball Equipment

Since 1972, we have been continually improving the equipment pickleball players worldwide use to play and compete at the highest level of the sport. Here are three of our latest product releases, each designed to improve your play, and help you have fun!

Champion Eclipse Pickleball Paddle

The Champion Eclipse is one of our newest models featuring a high performance polymer core and graphite face for the perfect blend of power & control.

Champion Spark Set

Our best value in Polymer Core Paddle Sets includes four Champion Spark Paddles, Jugs Balls, and our 3.0 Tournament Net Set!

Champion PolyPro Paddle

The Champion PolyPro Pickleball Paddle pairs a polymer core with classic shape and generous sweet spot.